Feaxures, progressive enhancement done right

Posted by on Jan 15, 2013 in Web | 0 comments

About 1 year ago I came up with an idea for better handling of progressive enhancement and I finally have been convert into a project that I can share with the world.

My solution is about abstracting the way we load the resources required by an enhancement and how we initialize it. Being mainly a server-side developer I’ve written a lot of code like the one below

This type of coding creates some problems. You cannot easily change the script that makes the enhancement (if you want to use a “lighter” solution for tabs you will to make changes in lots o places) and you cannot reuse the code (for each project you have to write again all those lines).

Once I’ve found out that curl.js and require.js exists my computational machine that I call “the brain”, brought this solution to my attention. I’ve implemented it about 1 year ago but I didn’t have time to make it public (you know… write documentation, make a GitHub repository). It’s available now at Feaxures.com.

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